Spiritual Healing, Mind & Body

Spiritual Healing For Healthy Mind & Healthy Body  

Effective & Easy Going Support / Coaching to bring you Peace, tranquility

Healthy life in'shaAllah

Health is the greatest wealth, look after it 

Join us to have spiritual healing & well-being to boost your mind power /  Confidence to have Spiritual Power,

healthy mind and Healthy body in'sh'a'Allah

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◇》Invest your wisdom & time in yourself to bring happiness and confidence  to deal with day to day issues and crisis as life is filled with all these things so we help you to build up  your  bright and peaceful future in'sha'Allah

Healthy mind, body & spirit Support & Coaching 

* Overcome & deal with modern problems and issues & challenges like social changes, random storm of modern social media and attention grabbing modern techs & gadgets. Strange trends &  inclination .

* achieve your  goals and  dreams that really matter to you .

* look after yourself AND YOUR beloved children's physical mental and spiritual health .

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 Healthy Mind Understading :

its very difficult to define the mental health even it  has been acknowledged by WHO that there is no official definition of it however its the state of one who feels his or her abilities by which

  1. a) one can cope with the normal stress or pressure of day to day life
  2. b) can work productively & fruitfully or to have positive outcome
  3. c) do make positive contribution to his or her family , work & community

so in short its encompass the complete physical, social and mental wellbeing.

The term mental health refers to the ability to function and deal with daily life and
everything it presents. An example of good mental health would be a person who
has a positive sense of who they are, has the ability to cope with pressure and the
readiness to deal with life on a daily basis. If they are mentally healthy they can make
a positive contribution to the community, the workplace and their family.

we help you to adopt following traits :

Being able to cope with the demands of everyday life – a person’s resilience; their ability to cope with stress, setbacks and difficult situations.

Being able to function in society – being able to sustain relationships and participate in wider society.

Having a healthy perception – having the ability to make sense of everyday events and the world around us.

Having healthy emotional health – having the ability to experience, understand and express emotions and feelings.

Healthy thinking (cognition) – a person’s ability to think clearly, solve problems and make sound decisions

stress , anxiety & dresseion
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 4-Marriage: Independent Wakeel                    5-Nikah Advice

 6-Post Marriage Counselling                            7- Pre-Marital Advice

 8-Support: Domestic Abuse                              9-Birth & Death

 10-Birth: Khatna / Circumcision                       11-Aqiqah

 12-Birth: Doula & Mother's Help                     13-Counselling & Support

 14-Funerals advice/suppor                               15-Support: Grief Counselling

 16-Support: the Sick /advice                             17- Wills & Inheritance advice

                            18-Dream Interpretation

                            19-Support: Addiction & Mental Health

                             20-Support/Advice :New Muslims & Shahadah

                             21-Al-Qur'an Studies - Memorization, Tajweed & others

                             22-Arabic Language learning 

                             23-Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring

                             24-Support /Advice: Dietary, Fitness, Health & Nutrition

                             25-Support/Advice :Islamic Studies & Halaqas

                             26-Support/Advice :Sustainable Living & Earning 

                             27-Seerah & islamic History  , Storytelling

                             28-Zakah advice

                                                   and Much more , just ask 

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