Hifzul Quran

  Hifzul - Quran

          ( Al- Quran's Memorization Techniques )

      Hifzul Quran's Maintaining Practical  Support & Tips 

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Hifzul quran

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London Muslims Quran Circle Online :

The Learning of The Holy Quran How Recite  & How to Memorizing effectivelly  by Heart has been Made easy Alhmdulillah !

Also basic islamic awareness needs in daily practical life 

Learn or improve your recitation simply ,easily with tajweed & a melodious tone. 

its Quran only Local physical class in North London & you can join from any part of the world via our distance learning software  to learn Quran how to read fluently ,effectively and easily inshAllah  . All you need any device with internet connection

Special Live Session to support & provide the prcatical tips and guideline to those who done Hifz and sturggling to maintain it .

 ( three times a week being conducted by Imam Hafiz Ahmed , got experience more than 30  year of Teahcing Quran and being imam ,leading and reciting the holy Qran in traveh   )

* Group Study & One To One teaching to make easy , friendly and effectively

* Efficient , Qualified & Well Experienced Teachers and Teaching Asistants

* No age Restriction so Any age Persons can Learn inshAllah   .

* Online Virtual classes using distance learning software And Physical classes In north London . Ring or whatsapp to find more on 07723504826

for more visit www.facebook.com/pg/118070228556125/services

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