Islamic Understanding , Islamic Rulings or  Islamic Jurisprudence

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                                    What is Fiqh ?

Fiqh linguistically means understanding. Technically it means to know and understand the Ahkam (orders) of all might Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Islam reminds us that our real life is the life hereafter, which is permanent, forever and unending. Our present life on earth is short, temporary and a trial period for the next permanent real life. Our present life is a test period to judge who obeys the orders of Allah and his Prophet and who does not.

Therefore it necessary to understand and obey order or Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (SAW).The following Hadiths of Holy Prophet (SAW) are sufficient to know the significance of Fiqh in Islam.

* When almighty Allah wishes to do a favour on his slave, he makes him a faqih (Profound scholar of Fiqh) in religion.

* When a person becomes a Faqih, Almight Allah sends the things which he longs for and his food by means unanticipated by him.

* The person whom almighty Allah calls the highest is the one who is Faqih in the religion.

* Against the devil, one Faqih is stronger than a thousand ‘abids (those who worship much)

* Everything is based upon a pillar. The basic pillar of Islam is the knowledge of Fiqh.

Curriculum :

Attahara (Purification)

Assalat (Prayer)

Assowm (Fasting)

Azzakah (Purifying Charity)


Funeral Prayer

Eid Prayers

Islamic Etiquette & Manners

Contemporary Issues               

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