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Contribute for the Noble Causes to have immense rewards & Benefits

Surah Al-Falaq

Surah An-Nass { The Mankind }: The Great Protections Against All Harms , Calamites & Illness

THE OPENING OF THE HOLY QURAN : Surah Al- Fatiha : The Brief Introduction & Tafsir

    DUA : The Solid Shield From Calamities & Real Source of Swift Help

Asking Allah Tala's Forgiveness & Having Sincere Repentance is the Real Salvation

The Sending Salutations & Greeting to Prophet Mohammad PBUH Causes Us to Earn 10 to 70 times Blessings of Allah tala {amazing }

The Understanding of Mohmmed { PBUH } The Messenger Of Allah tala

The Understanding of Tasbeeh , Tahmeed , Tahleel & Takbeer

The Understading of Bismillah

The Understanding of Tawuuz or asking protection of Allah tala from shetan

Articulations or Makharige

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