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                                               Join Us After Listing The LockDown & Pandemic Situation InshAllah 

* Its Gatherings Where You can Meet Up With Others specially senior practicing brothers And Shaiks

   or Imams and Discuss About your Issues and find the right solutions & Community Services in'sha'Allah.

* Food Like BBQ , Beryani , Pakura ,samosa etc will be served free .

* veiwing the beautiful animals like horses , goats, deers , cows ,bulls also few birds as well.

* sighting a Magnificent , outstanding  natural beauty designated place on the greenbult in the accessible area of  London .

* sports ,  fitness & fun activites like horse riding , archery , race and tug of war etc .

* A brief Talk After Aser Salah in'shaAllah 

* All brothers are welcome . Sisters are having segregated and separated group .

* Because of bigger Queue & Waiting List Please book Earlier to Avoid Disappointment

* All is free but you can donate to contribute in’sha’Allah Generously whtaeveter you can,its fine if you cant afford to do so

* Brothers Dinner Get together  Every Thursday  ,8pm , Please join us from Maghrib salah at 2pm there  the venue . thanks jazakAllahu Ahsnul jaza 

* Brothers Tea Get together  Every  Sunday 4pm ,wednesday 7pm & Friday 7 pm , Please join us from Aser salah at 6pm there the venue . Thanks jazakAllahu Ahsnul jaza ...........see more events below 

please book your place [ for essential arrangement ] by simply whatsapp text on 07723504826 & ask for more if you need to .or Click simply to Join below  ,then we ll send

you confirmation with venue detail in'sha'Allahu Tala bil khair 

only for this event
for other events as well
for other commnunity services as well

Click To ask Direction to The Venue here 

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