Dinner Gatherings

                                                      Or        Lunch Gathering 

* DInner Gatherings Where You can Meet Up With Others specially senior practicing brothers And Shaiks

   or Imams and Discuss About your Issues and find the right solutions & Community Services in'sha'Allah.

* All brothers are welcome . Sisters are having segregated and separated group .

* Because of bigger Que & Waiting List Please book Earlier to Avoid Disappointment

* All is free but you can donate to contribute in’sha’Allah Generously.

Please Note : Lunch Gathering is in MCEC Palmers green North London And dinner gatheirng is in East London Near Wesham station 

venue detail and time will be sent after you have shown your interests below inshAllah 

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Pumper Charity Rewards 

Please donate to countribute in order to run our community welfare services 

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