Find yourself A Partner Through Halal Nikah by Halal Ways

     easily & effectively

to please Allah tala & to have a happier & prosperous life style inshAllahu Tala 

How It Works !

Alhmdulillah !  

Its  As easier as  1 2 3  if you are really interesting & Genuine inshAllah :

1 - Our panel of imams & shyoukhs analyses and do counselling about your basic information you given us to find your like-minded Partner and liaise with him or her & their family .

2-After doing Istakhra , Mashwarah & liaising with both parties we ll Promote you to The London Muslims Halal Nikkah introduction events to communicate with your potential partner & Their families Under the presence of wali or wakeel and our supervision inshallah if you are still interesting and determine to be The genuine to have halal nikkah inshallah .

3 –we ll organize meeting with families and Fix date for Nikkah if both parties are happier to go head inshallah

We also even help you to have happier marital life  inshalah through our counselling if you need

Please Note :

1 -We are not speed dating agency but work more effectively and acutely than that in accordance of the  Islamic and moral Values safely & securely inshAllah

2-We expect you to show your genuineness and interest via moral and Islamic values inshallah

3-We are non-profitable community organization so you can support us as well as contribute  for the  services we are offering Alhmdulillah to serve the communities .

Please :

Read always salatul Hajat with full faith  and make dua for the easiness and prompt help From Allah Tala [who is the doer of every good things]  to have  this bless achievement inshallah.                contact us if you need to .

Please Join Halal NIkah Introduction session live three times a week {  Thursday , Saturday ,Sunday 4pm to 6 pm  }

              Please click to join The London Muslims live Community Event .

please contact for sign up if you have not yet via

whatsapp  0044 7490 766 221 or click


Please fill in the form below to sign up for The London Muslims Live Halal Nikkah Event  InshAllah ,

                                        Please ask for site Address you ll need there  via whatsapp

Join the Halal Nikah Introduction event to find yourself a partner where you can meet Halal Nilkah FInders , Brothers & sisters , their families & parents  Live [ Via VIdeo , audio or you can do texting Chat ] to make things happned so swift to achive the real halal Nikah swiftly ,Saftly  and effectively in halal ways inshAlalh

Event Contribution £9 only { non refundable as Its Goes to Our charitable organization to run The Essential Community Services }

* Two Events every  weekend & weekdays online 

Email for more info :