English Learning

by having your native language teaching assistance    

👉 Please note :

1 use Google chorme to log in  as guest  there 

2- please restart your device before you join the live session for better result 

3- please do configure test for mic and speaker and click on ''allow  access  ''to use mic & speaker for live lesson inshallah.

ask for assistance via whatsapp text only on 👉 00447490766221 ,

thanks jazakAllahua shnul jaza for your co-oparation 

Learning English effectively has been made easier by using latest online tools

& Cambridge University Learning Management System


                                                    Online l Live Interactive Sessions 

👉*Special Teaching assistance in your own mother language French , Spanish, Portuguese , Arabic , Urdu , Panjabi , Hindi , Saraiki and many more ] to make English learning & English improving fun , easier and very effective   { Online }

👉*All materials and one click hazards free link will be provided to join live Learning session easily

👉Simply whatsapp text only on 00447490766221 for more info


*Basic level

*Intermediate Level

*Advance Level

*English communication Skill level


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That is where you can interact with native English Speakers and aslo learn more and have more Islamic awarness .

So its best chance for you to Improve English by learning Islam more effectivelly in'sha'ALlah