The Learning of The Holy Quran How Recite  & How to Memorizing effectivelly  by Heart has been Made easy Alhmdulillah !

* LETS Do Something Better to Master in Islamic Values & Ethnics For The Betterment & The Immense Benefits Of This Life & the New Life Of Hereafter InshAllah tala .

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* Subhan'Allah, the Qur'an is the only book of complete guidance you need in life. A book that will be a Witness for you on the Day of Judgment in which we pray will a means for you and your precious family to Enter the highest Adobe of Jannah (Heaven).


* Become apart of the Qur'aan Circle

* Learn how How To Recite and Memorise Effectively

* How to correctly Read Salah, including the meaning of Salah and what to read.

* Learn. memorise and Interpret the Masnon Duas, Ayat and Juz etc for deeper connection in your Salah and enhance and deepen your reflections of creation.

Deepen your relationship with the Al Mighty Creator AL Laa Ta'aal

* Become a leader and teach others what you have learnt

* No Age & Place Restriction.

*Special Educational Needs catered tuition by a qualified teaching Assistance to help simplify the course in small doses.

* Nothing in life is free. Except for this. This is most definitely free but the reward is tremendous both in this life and the hereafter .

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Course outlines


inshAllah we ll cover :

1- 20 Last Suras or chapters of the holy Quran [ from Surah feel to surah An- Nass including surah Fatiha ]

2- we ll cover word by word translation , meanings and necessary basic tafsir or interpretation based on Salf saleeh elders , pious scholars ]

3-we ll inshAllah memorise these 20 Suras by heart and with tajweed rules and tarteel

4- In Salah what to pray or recite with translation and meanings along-with necessary etiquette

5- Masnon duas [ supplications of prophet pbuh ]related to daily 24 hours life i.e dua of eating , sleeping , waking up , before leaving home and protection form anxiety ,Calamities & Afflictions  etc       

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